Tom’s Greenhouse, Goshen NY

Christina & Drew

I’ve always loved greenhouses. Something about the warmth, the green, the oasis feeling when I step inside one makes me feel incredibly lucky to be alive. When Christina first reached out to me to do her engagement photos, I was so excited when she said, “we are huge plant lovers, so anywhere that has lots of greens please!” I immediately thought of Tom’s Greenhouse in my town. Its year-round small greenhouse full of house plants and succulents is truly beautiful and makes me want to build my own in my backyard (manifesting this hard!!!). Pair this with a vintage green Land Rover, and a bottle of champagne and we made all their engagement photos dreams come true. I had to do minimal posing with these two since their energy and connection lead the session, as you can see they’re madly in love, quick to laugh, and naturally beautiful souls. 

If you think this kind of session would be a great fit for you and your lovey, reach out and let’s get planning!

Dreamy Greenhouse Engagement Shoot


dreamy greenhouse engagement shoot

Kathleen Whittemore

Engagment, wedding

June 25, 2021

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