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Audrey & Bryce

One thing that I always say is that the best gift my parents ever gave me, was the gift of a sibling. My sister and I are so close, even with two years age difference, it always felt like I had a built-in-best-friend. I can only imagine how that feeling is intensified with a twin; to have a friend in every stage in development, every step along they way, you’re doing it together, for the first time with your sibling. What an incredible gift these two have in each other, thanks to their incredible parents, Lori & Jim. 

I remember those sleepless nights, when you first bring your little one home from the hospital. Blissfully euphoric that your little one is here, while simultaneously in survival mode for a minute of sleep and rest. I was expecting Lori & Jim to look a little rough around the edges, and maybe be a little on-edge. I was so surprised to see them looking better than ever, in a fantastic mood, ready for their session. I admire them so much, their eagerness to work together as a unit for their baby A & baby B. Lori kept the outfits earthy and neutral, grounded and beautiful. We spoke often before our session so we were on the same page about what to expect, how to best prepare for our session, and what I needed from her to help the whole process go smoothly. These two babes did a beautiful job for their newborn photoshoot, comfortable and full, they were like two sleeping angels. 

When parents trust me with their little loves, I feel so honored to be able to give them the precious memories, that sometimes fade with time. 

Twins Newborn Session


Kathleen Whittemore


April 25, 2021

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